we think and do as in self; both are bane

knowledge is what opens our eyes to be like gods .

thinking we know is thus our slap in GOD’s face, of pride presumption .

disobeying and the knowing to think or know offends GOD and does to

disappoint us into the temporal progression of experiencing darkness .

there remains no temporal progression toward GOD .  here within is the

only avenue, an ascent, to GOD, in the present moment .  if we dare to think

that we may walk, talk, do, study, go that we find GOD on our own, we miss

the mark by doing .  GOD commands us “do not .”  Satan wants us “to do .”

we find GOD by remaining still, in stillness, alongside vigilance, wariness

for self to follow to “do not .”  we find GOD in the stillness that we might

accomplish for him the care of our brothers, not ourselves, or what may

we presume within a temporal experience .  one valid temporal experience

remains what we do for others, not self .   all else pales to exceed or excel .


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