Father I repent and am sorry

Father I repent and am sorry … please forgive me ….
for carelessly writing what I see and hear
within my soulful soul and selfish self convicting each other,
that is most offensive to others, and in many
cases hurts their feelings and simple understandings
of their own each an obedience of whom you are to them
and whom you remain within their own salvation…
this work revealing my own confessions between my selfish self
and my soulful soul remain my own private revelation for spiritual growth .
I repent and I am sorry to you Father, asking forgiveness from
you above, as well my brothers and sisters whom I have offended
due to my own carelessness …
I promise to remain more guarded within a dissemination of any private
revelation, as I am assured most of the confessions in the transcripts apply within
to my conversation between my selfish self and my soulful soul, as is documented
in my writings and confessions ….though the work is so voluminous, most whom read
the work seem to assume a pointed finger of judgment pointing directly at them, whereas
the truth of the matter is, they are privy to and interested in my own private discourse, which
actually remains none of their inquisitive business ….and for any misunderstanding, I remain
sorrowful for the confusion, and do apologize to anyone offended within their own interests
these writings remain what they are…. holy spiritual conviction of self, myself …
I cannot assume to apologize for those or anyone whom may share this conviction of self within….tim

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