men and women who frequent holy mass
authentically do so as adults whom are in
presence of the holy child within their natures
the profane and vulgar men and women of the
world whom disregard children, abort children,
hurt children, selfishly render pleasure unto self
are actually criminals before Almighty God, and
such profane souls whom know adult matters
and venture toward such casually cause mayhem
within the world, for children, for adults whom are
in touch within God and his inner child, as well
the sacredness and wholeness of life and breath….
some do persist, consist, desist, assist, resist
venue as prevail, yet even a clock on the wall has
utility, but the time it keeps has purpose under God….
men are warned to not take life issues lightly, as though
life itself may be snuffed out on a whim, for God is
himself keeping the count in countenance, and the
abridgment by some lacks true ardor within holiness….
even as “there is a time for every purpose under heaven…”
men are called to holiness and by any denials and betrayals
by some do they head their own dooms to finite circles of hell….
go to confession, embrace life in all forms, not only the puppy dogs….
have your children in God, the child within and the child to the without….
for a time as every purpose in God, even unto coming of the age, when all
things are made new and children shall be conceived in vertical lighted way….
a resurrection apex awaits the earth and God’s people, and shall not be ignored,
nor compromised, nor can it be, lest those whom choose to burn in glow of the hell….
those informed shall begin to understand truth in vertical light of Jesus Christ, presence,
and the security life bestowed to those men their souls whom persevere the holiness belief….
go to confession, ask anointing in Jesus Christ by a priest, if you can find one

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