light or darkness

souls in rebellious sin and darkness or error, the selfish
sin, bear no presumption in seeking confession of all sin
to Jesus Christ through actions of the Catholic priest, to
be called into the lighted presence of Jesus Christ himself….
these souls that flail in darkness neither see nor hear, nor
understand lighted presence heavenly above, which calls
each soul to a holiness, garnered through suffering within
the Way of the Cross, Jesus Christ, within its own life….
if life should become only fun and games and has no valued
soulful suffering, yet a selfish complacency, then most thus
assuredly this soul lacks vision within Jesus Christ present….
on the last day, souls are all called to stand before Judgement
to be judged by God himself, to accompany Him within soul,
or to depart with only themselves toward a dark universe….
souls in lighted presence, holy state of grace in God, bear only
passing from this life to higher actuality beyond such….
souls in darkness require confession to Jesus Christ, through a
priest, lest they fall to the snares of antichrist and his minions,
in darkness their own bane triumph, yet no thing to children of light,
for children of God in lighted presence, grace, pass and never die….
darkness brings death;  light permits passing into the higher glories….
this free will choice is bestowed by God to those whom suffer for virtue
against that which revels in vice….
so, which will you have….lighted pass upward or darkness down in death?
it is not rocket science people….

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