vertical actuality


(this treatise addresses a science in
religion, and does not authenticate in
any way to address or alter holy prescribed
revealed doctrine in established religion,
his church)
there remains move not as motion yet as
perceived periodic stasis
periodic stasis is static flow, flow
perceived as a still portrait of separate
entities, or intentional separation
does one witness the catatonic patient
dancing a jig amid silence, all in stillness
this concept reveals potentiality nuanced
does one witness a dancing man non-moving
all within as motion
this concept expresses dynamic stasis, the
moving action actualized momentarily….
in God’s view, reality mankind exposes a periodic
stasis flow, separation intentional, in a DARKNESS
in God’s will, soulful actuality destiny reveals
dynamic stasis, a living in a present moment,
a focused verticality, a LIGHT reveal, rather than
such a horizontality expanded darkness exposed
scattered in the land of the dead and death
a soul reaching verticality in Christ’s light may choose
the holy lot in suffering, for self or others, to further
perfection toward beyond actuality
a man who turns to Jesus Christ, to confess all sin,
contritely, amends his life, to enter the actualizing
toward perfection verticality lighted presence of heaven
within around above beyond, and in some cases avoid
in some degrees of persons places things events of
the 51 day prescribed 3-40-7-1 days purging perfections
within his resurrection apex prescribed, holy, sanctified,
thusly 3 in the tomb, 40 around, 7 above, 1 to beyond….
men thusly understand passing from  dark deadness to life,
opposed dying into a land of the dead toward an eventual
life with God, exhausting commutative associative distributive,
such even as understood in mathematical calculi within reveal

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