whom do we cast out from among us

he’s republican he’s democrat
he’s straight he’s gay
he’s black he’s white
he’s chinese he’s american
he’s rich he’s poor
he’s ugly he’s handsome
he’s stupid he’s smart
he’s slow he’s fast
he’s wise he’s holy
he’s devilish he’s an angel
he’s sweet he’s sour
he’s judgmental he’s selfless
he hates he loves
he hoards he gives
he takes he offers
he shows he hides
he’s nasty he’s clean
he’s on drugs he’s sober
he’s self righteous he’s self assured
he’s wonderful  he’s horrible
he’s blessed he’s cursed
he’s sinful he’s virtuous
he’s rude he’s courteous
he’s scrupulous he’s loose
he’s the most he’s the least
he’s dirty he’s clean
he’s filthy he’s chaste
he’s crooked he’s honorable
he’s criminal he’s law abiding
he’s loving he’s hateful
he knows he’s ignorant
he’s a jackass he’s a burro
he sees he’s blind
he’s sick he’s well
he serves he expects
he loves he hates
he provides he doesn’t
he tests he teaches
he teaches he tests
who is he the man
why of course, he is Jesus Christ himself
lest we call each brother, Jesus Christ
lest we call each sister, Mary
we shall have no peace!

About tobias taoh

author, contemplative art reveal, geochemistry, research associate, poet, theoscience
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