what is it about sin


what is it about sin, in any the disobedience
is sin the knowing   yes
is sin the embracing   yes
is sin the doing   yes
can sin be a resolve
yes for sinners no for saints
yes, in thought word and/or deed
the blatant rebellion against the holy
a persistent lack of disciplined obedience
a resolving persistence into a disobedience
holiest men know, embrace, speak, do the goodness virtue
most evil men ignore, shun, say, act against goodness virtue
remains a sinful to know, embrace, do, promote any all sin the vice … retreat, unless an ordained holy clerical, the test
edification a holiness to know, embrace, do promote any all holy the virtue … advance gains ordained
clerical, the teach
Christ instructs his followers to do that which is written by scribes to pass the test of trespasses….
do not do what scribes do themselves for the teaching of that which identifies a trespass….
holy scribes suffer persevere unto obedient discipline a surrender to God all an expense of soul….
charlatans persist unto an exposed convenience a mockery to God with no expense to self….
many scribes fail more tests than do they pass, unto the greatest a holy reveal by God himself….

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