of the resurrection


of the resurrection
each day each night is a new One
within a new resurrection
come holy spirit fill the hearts of thy faithful
enkindle within them grace the fire of thy love
send forth thy spirit and they shall be created
and thou shalt renew the face of the earth
o god by the light of holy spirit does instruct
the hearts of thy faithful grant that all may be
truly wise and ever rejoicing
in his consolations
through jesus christ our lord amen
each day each night we move by day and rest
by night our bodies in the world of earth
each moment in breath out breath we rest within
we move without in the spirit of god
life concerns within around about above beyond
both earth in this world and spirit within god
for One the resurrection prayerfully both concerns
the body the soul into prayerful spirit body infinitude
keep moving toward into god within around above beyond

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author, contemplative art reveal, geochemistry, research associate, poet, theoscience
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