holy resurrection


holy resurrection shines in True glory the holiness, the poverty
the bane risings glow in imperfect glowing the vice…. a wealth
Jesus Christ surrenders his spirit in holy way to the father….
holy spirit in father guides Christ spirit unto the glowing bodily resurrection….holy
to say we rise from the dead holy, when actually we have not been purified,
through holy way prayer in body and soul,
remains a rising of the damned, not the holy….
the damned follow themselves and the world, in agenda….
the poor suffering in the streets and the homeless know this truth….
don’t bother to hurt the little ones of the world anymore….
you shall look for them and never find them….
you shall run around in darkness because you embrace darkness….
those of us whom embrace Truth shall ask truth, seek truth, find truth,
knock truth, open into truth, the prayerful surrender in spirit the rest, to
then move within toward our prayerful bodily resurrection in Jesus Christ
the train has already left the station….maybe those who now under-stand
may offer their helping hands to those whom hear and desire to come aboard….
it is no longer the ship coming in….the ship came in and now the train is leaving
the station….
Mary warned at Fatima….the message was not to be released until 1960….
2060 may have significance as to final ends and beginnings to the nonsense of men
and their bane agendas….in money power fortune fame pleasure and whatever….
the trumpets have sounded and now the whistles are blowing….
we as a people do not need pills of healthcare….but only to swallow this bittersweet tonic….Truth

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