here right here right now eternally I come to do your will patiently hearing


here, right here, right now, eternally, I come to do your will, patiently hearing….
we men busy ourselves with agendas to “serve” Our Lord Jesus Christ….
do we “serve” Him . Truth as ALL, or our vain selves, as “all we want….”
a holy desire to follow Jesus is to “be still, know that I am God….”
the busyness we serve damns us into every kind of folly….
why is there so much chaos, why do we even fear….
because we listen to a worldly,  not the godly….
holy saints hear God, never do they listen….
there is a difference between the two….
to hear is to serve in his holiness….
to listen is to serve the self….
surrender now is to die….
to die in His waiting….
to do is to serve self….
do not; to die is….
die for him!  in!
right now!
go!  teach all nations!
die for him!
now! go!
again!  repeat!
under-stand Him….
it is eternal life, now….
in the right, NOW!
thank you, Lord….
I am still to move within you to rest….
no more to rest without you in move….
to die in the present is to life eternal….
through within him
so what are our plans today?
to rest in his still, waiting….
as the stillness takes care of the rest….
Understand?  holy apostles know this….
holy apostles have no social agendas….
only holy orders of stillness obedience….
so what is on agenda today, to die rest….
each day another day to die within Him….
so what’s today?  another moment to die!

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