Holy Spirit of God vs. faculty spirit in men on earth
Holy Spirit is One Person of three in Triune God, with The Father and Jesus Christ the Son….
spirit remains on earth as angular mission manifested directional being, up or down toward or away to or from God….within human beings….
verticality spirit….
horizontal spirit in the way of the cross directs attitudinally toward the future which is the
good thief and the past which remains the bad thief….within human beings
there remain two directives toward additive multiplicative good, above, and two directives toward
subtractive divisive, below, quadrational….within human beings
additive good is the good thief future
multiplicative good is the heavenly ascent in holy way prayer
subtractive evil remains directional bad thief past
divisive evil remains directional below scattered into chaos
these generally follow the precepts derived in meditations  within the grammar of math
and math in grammar, to describe the reveal within time and eternity, heaven and below…
math of the cross….
holy spirit the additve multiplicative missions comprise faculty mind heart spirit of father son spirit,
and being in essence and nuance…..
evil spirit the subtractive divisive missions do express yet  they do not comprise of any substantial effort
other than to confuse toward chaos, lack both any truth in faculty and/or essence, yet possess
an illusive power to interfere with the good, and never to prevail against those charged, (the church) whom
with authority, power and dominion prevailing until the end do accomplish the good holy work of God….
through God’s grace,
only response in holy way prayer lifts the human soul in toward holy spirit, directionally toward God, quadrationally above the horizontal time line into additive multiplicative in life spirit….
ascent through the ask, seek, find, knock open delivers the soul into the blessings of God
the virtues authentically escaping the bane existence of experience of life in the below quadrational….ascent is verticality toward heaven and the other direction remains descent  toward physical concupiscence of
earth toward hell….the states and degrees of advance edification excellence destiny etc all become the reveal as the soul ascends in holy way prayer with Jesus Christ and on toward within God, through Father….
holy way prayer is meditation contemplation compendia in the life of Jesus Christ, along with the sorrows of Mary Immaculate stationed within the Way of the Cross and Her Most Holy Rosary….
to ascend in holy way prayer authentically, the soul reaches the heights to visit and view the
holy dove in peace, Him . Holy Spirit, there waiting for each soul’s response along and within
an authentic move to God’s grace….he is beauty love light grace peace power counselor virtue

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