look at me god i’m liberated i’m good


I am humble
I am charitable
I am no fake holy man
I am the real deal
I love money
I love pleasure
I love comfort
I do as I please
I find life as any party
I enjoy life with those whom do
I see this heaven for me
I know I love God
I pay my tithes
I have money
I have a good life
I love people
I live to save money
I understand everything now
I am woman
I should run for president
I have money
I should run for president
I now have a like button to push
I provide for others
I have a job
I need no one else
I am invincible
I live in posh surroundings
I like things nice
I feel so liberated
I am so smart
I tell you, I am blessed by you GOD!
I like games
I play games
I need no one else
I have my life grand
I have my things in an order
I found my self
I love my self
I just cannot stop talking about mysel
did someone say something….
“yes, go to confession….”
oh shut the bleep up!
“go to confession,
and there is your truth….”

About tobias taoh

author, contemplative art reveal, geochemistry, research associate, poet, theoscience
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