healing purification warning


in our relationship with God, Jesus Christ, we as children are
taught and experience to follow the “holy way….”
each soul is offered grace by God in Truth for the soul to respond….
upon response, the soul is tested, according to its own need toward
purification and healing….the length of this period is different for each
soul….in many cases, the soul may wander through what seems a
torturous dark night of the soul, where the soul for the most part does
“feel” that God has abandoned it….yet the soul remains ever in a
saintly directive or attitude toward God and continues to persevere….
the soul then reaches an edification WITHIN as a within ecstasy where
the love in its heart, which is love above as the abandoned self, for God,
ascends above the within of its own mind, above the mind of self, to unite
with God, through Jesus Christ, into His actual presence….this ecstasy
educates the soul within God’s presence about the Beauty and Love, the
all-encompassing in holy virtue of God for his children….when the soul
reaches this purification, it is then healed through within its own inmost
a divine self, within its own inmost purpose, the divine purpose, which is
eternal love within God, a humble gentle meek union with Jesus Christ,
toward infinitude, to remain healed OF God BY God FOR God…. eternally….
the purification is known “within the Mind heart spirit OF soul,” and the healing
is received “within the Heart mind spirit BY the soul,” and a warning is issued in
directive “within the Spirit mind heart FOR the soul,” that the soul remains in GOD….
when the soul is purified healed thus warned, the soul possesses little or no desire to
ever offend God again, nor does the soul understand any inclinations toward offense
of neighbor….some souls suffer in silence to persevere within the perception, even
as into the understanding knowledge, within its own true self in God, the meekness,
to remain obedient, not only as choice, but as resolved within resolve beatific love
for God eternally….to reach the beatific is the reflective within OF God’s own presence,
and as beyond more so into its life with God, the soul is edified, attaining advancing
excelling exemplary inmost the path within BY God’s own presence, to reach its
eternal destiny, the resting AWE For God’s own presence….
beatific vision as reflective, exemplary path as journeying, excellent destiny actualized,
these emanating from the soul’s initial response in grace, lead thy souls the “holy way,”
a quadratic optional obedience through within of by for the cross of Jesus Christ, toward
the quadratic understood obedience within toward the octavational hierarchies in heaven,
the final exactitude toward infinitude, open the soul toward living in God in the present
moment of eternity, and never more the dark passages in time….to each and any soul
reaching the exactitude in the infinitude, the soul desires not so much to live “for all men,”
yet does the soul only understand One, to live Of the One God, For the One – another,
By the One moment, eternally present….
this treatise in his way One of by for One under-stands, stands-under, His One Way,
ofto byto forto unto asto purity healed….His Immaculata….

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