liberation in righteousness


there is only Divine Truth into of Righteousness Protocol….
there remains no socio-cultural ruled opinion as Agenda….
God graces a man to rest the soul of the liberated bird
his friend, his spouse,  within the palms of His Hands….
God does not allow a man to restrict the soul of another
one’s liberation to fly, to rest, to go, to stay, to choose
to ignore, presence….
righteousness is never coerced, extorted, threatened or
denied another his right in Countenance under Christ….
righteousness is only respected, embraced, offered,
received, exchanged, endowed an unbiased charity….
Native Americans know This Truth….The Indigenous
Peoples know This Truth….
vile vain men persist insist in error and darkness to find
themselves in places of glowing darkness, rather than
the rested destiny within Resurrected Light….
Jesus Christ insists, persists, demands, desires
no thing of men, no thing in men, no thing as men,
no thing to men….
Jesus Christ lives and lets live….not in liberated darkness
out into the world to do as one pleases, but into the inner
Light of Truth, within the peace of the heart to know to
love to serve God in move and rest, in Stance and Truth
of Countenance, to embrace responsibly their responsibility
their obligation their respect their liberty toward embracing
unbiased charity in the individual and the collective society….

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