cruel vile hunters of the world entrap God’s chosen, the little ones,
to cajole, to scorn, to violate, to test their buoyancy within the
deepest ocean of Jesus Christ’s mercy Tribunal of Justice….
these cruel foes coerce extort threaten abase assault chosen souls
to tempt them into a fight, but instead, the chosen souls relinquish
all that they are, all that they have, all that they cherish, all within
the sight of God, the presence of God, in the turn of the cheek,
the mercy….
Mother Mary instructs:  “let it be….words of wisdom…. for God in
His Justice sees what they do and accounts for the horrors….”
men judge according to their own summations of truth, yet God alone
KNOWS  Truth, is Truth, upholds in Trust the standing Truth….
as the cruel vile species among men persists to coerce extort threaten
and drug chosen souls into chaos and confusion, God alone defends
these souls on Judgement Day before the Tribunal of Justice….
may God have mercy on the souls of the vile rebellious foes,
for they cannot stand within the Lighted realms of His Justice….

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author, contemplative art reveal, geochemistry, research associate, poet, theoscience
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