bless me Father


bless me father, for I have sinned….
in my weakness, I have been presumptuous….
by my weakness, I have been indifferent….
I fail to recognize self-sacrificial surrender
required amidst the lukewarmness….
I repent, Father, for my lukewarmness….
the lukewarmness remains of those whom are the
spiritual spectators of spiritual combat….
they remain defensive of the world and things,
encouraging social solutions….
the authentic Christian is the person who acts
toward His Within to combat spiritually all evil….
the authentic Christian surrenders to Christ through
grace in Christ with Holy Way Prayer….
those who do offer their own solutions to worldliness
are but concerned for it….through self-styling….
with the  lack of authentic Holy Catholic faith….
those saints who remain silenced in prayer own no things
of the world, in the world, for the world….
saints possess within the soul the Kingdom of God,
Jesus Christ within….
saints marginalize no things, no one, no judgement on their
own, for they own no things, nor cling to any things….
saints encourage other souls to become liberated Within
His Holy Way Prayer….within the authentic eternal peace….
I repent, Father, as I am contritely sorry for offending You,
and Jesus Christ….
Please, Father, forgive me….amen….
O Father of us all, forgive all of us through within Jesus Christ….
Holy Mary, pray for us…..
All of you holy angels and saints, pray for us….amen

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