respect light and life


the holy light in the sperm of a man joins with the holy life
in the egg of a woman to create a holy person, the child in
Lighted Life, within a present moment with Jesus Christ….
Holy Lighted Life is created at God’s serene level of goodness
gentleness compassion meekness humbleness generosity….
for those whom purport to casually dispose of Lighted Life, we pray,
“Father, forgive them, for they know not all what they do….”
for men in the gametes of sperm bear Light of Life, carry Life into
Light, and women in the gametes of eggs bear Life of Light and
carry Light into Life….
to those of us whom refuse to enter God’s presence within Truth,
the Lighted Life, will surely perish eternally in the darkness of
chaos, sin and error….as anathema….
think twice before committing to the pro-choice agendas fostering
abortion, euthanasia, and medical anomalies that maim, kill,
disable, coerce, extort or threaten, as surely done thus already swim
within the seas of darkness and chaos….to remain there thus so….
and as an eternity, to ever fall miserably, rather than to rise joyfully….
repent….believe in The Gospel of Jesus Christ, The Holy Lighted Life….

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