the line in grace


the richest man in the world and the poorest man in the world
are driving down a highway and crash in a terrible car wreck….
they both “get” to the gates of heaven….
the rich man tells St. Peter:  “I should enter before him, for I
have been the richest man in the world….”
the poor man tells St. Peter:  “I should enter last as I have been
the poorest man struggling in the world….
St. Peter retorts:  “both of you ‘get’ to the end of the line, to
ponder silence….for only within silence does God reveal to souls
no presumption, no opinion, no assignation, no favor….but only
unbridled justice in His divine charity for the gratitude in peace….”

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author, contemplative art reveal, geochemistry, research associate, poet, theoscience
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