suffering servant


when my brother falls on Calvary, do I scoff….
when my brother thirsts on Calvary, do I spit….
when my brother is tired on Calvary, do I dance….
when my brother is crying on Calvary, do I laugh….
when my brother is nailed on Calvary, do I boast….
when my brother is dying on Calvary, do I run….
when my brother is buried in the tomb, do I grieve….
when my brother is rising from the tomb, do I rejoice….
when I sin, do I righteously repent….
when I sin, does my brother grieve….
when my brother sins, do I repent….
when my brother sins, do I grieve….
when I sin, am I ashamed, or sorrowful….
for one is pride, one is humility….
when I sin, do I ask and receive God’s forgiveness
through holy way prayer in trust as the humility….
or do I dismiss my sin as the torrent in the whisper….
when I am forgiven, do I persevere patiently in Christ
until the end…..
when I am forgiven, do I thank God….
when I am weak and fail to persevere, do I trust men
or do I trust Jesus Christ in His Mercy….
there is and shall remain only one the directive>>>>
“Jesus, I trust in You, all the holy way within my soul….”
to remain complacent remains a boast of holiness
with the quench that “all is well” while still in the body….
to be obedient to Our Lord is to be sober, to have a
fasting thirst for Him, and to silently bow low in the heart….
“feeling a glory”  is never the same as “knowing His Glory….”
to know His Glory within is to close your eyes, in gratitude,
persevering to die with Him, toward authentic resurrection….
there is no pretending with God….only the holy authenticity….

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