to study knowledge


to study sacred knowledge within Christ’s Holy Way of Prayer is a
bulwark to the preserving with respect the soul’s own child-likeness….
to study knowledge disobediently, disrespectfully, the undisciplined
as of the world remains the banishment of child-likeness in the soul….
to retain one’s child-likeness, students must be disciplined to obey
form structure appearance function, as these concepts guide within
a catholicity of respect, a guiding syllabus, to honor God and to the
respect and good will appreciating, excelling and enamoring the soul….
the first hospitals and universities were established and built by the
Holy Catholic Church and even to this day share remnants of their own
cherished obedience, discipline, zeal, purity and poverty unassuming….
error in society and its educational auspices are causal to resultant
through the disobedient, disrespectful and undisciplined curricular ire….
disciplined farmers are excellent farmers….
disciplined students are excellent students….
discipline in Christ’s Holy Way Prayer guides souls in social endeavor….
such discipline creates a wholly whole holy society, morally, ethically….

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