what where why how Who


what coercion extortion imminence or travail does one harbor against
his brother, his neighbor, his own soul….
For Jesus Christ is GOD, and the soul is part of God, as God resides
alongside well within the self personalities of men….
Jesus Christ does not coerce extort threaten or work against anyone….
Jesus Christ is meekness, humbleness, gentleness all holy virtue in
Truth, testifying in Truth, of Truth, to Truth, as Truth….
Jesus Christ reveals exposes shows teaches Truth, the naked Truth,
revealed exposed shown taught, as is, and none the coloring or flailing
away into a darkness away from Himself, the Eternal Light TRUTH….
TRUTH, Jesus Christ, IS and STANDS, Eternal Light, the Light of Life,
The Light of Destiny, The Light in Infinitude, All Eternal Peace, the only
Eternal Place in silent agile rest, angels and saints alike, Eternal AWE….

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