God does not call his people to a unitarian philosophy of unity, as one
submerged in a dark primacy of the universe, its physicality, the world….
God calls his people to a gathering oneness of many in Light of Christ,
one gathering thesis in three, in image of father mind, son heart, and
spirit spirit, a oneness in faith in the light of mental cordial spiritual
telepathy as of faith hope love in charity in the light of the holy eternal….
the darkness of the universe and the world denies the triune gathering
in light and instead ushers as a separatist scattering division in identity,
sectarian in scope of a limited awareness and knowledge, about God,
self soul the world a universe, to ignore eternal superseding of cosmos….
The Holy Catholic Faith teaches the gathering promise, and never such
a scattering focus, but God’s only gathering promise within men their
own directive toward Light of Jesus Christ over darkness sin and error….

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