bless me Father


bless me Father for I have sinned….
Father I have broken and or compromised your Holy commandments,
and especially acted in pride of uncharity in my own life toward others….
I confess contritely, I repent soberly, as I ask your forgiveness of my
transgressions, as I in my heart bear no evident or revealing transgression
against anyone, nor against my brother, my friend, my neighbor, my
In this confession, I come before You with a humble, broken, contrite
heart to admit to You my sorrow for all my sins, for having offended You
and all the Holy that is sacred in Your sight….
Please Father, forgive, bless, heal and encourage me, body and soul,
toward God and
eternal holy heaven, that I may finish Your work here on earth to do Your
holy will, that who we are and who we become is pleasing in Your sight….

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author, contemplative art reveal, geochemistry, research associate, poet, theoscience
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