holy way prayer


it remains vain to pray for what one selfishly wants, in so far as it
concerns the way the person perceives or sees any an issue….
it is holy and humble to pray in surrender of one’s soul to God within,
the directive to doing and accomplishing God’s holy will….
no thing, nothing, changes toward the good in the world until each
soul involved accordant grace surrenders in holy way prayer that God’s
will be done within the hearts minds spirits of others….
it remains futile to think say do anything as in a hubris that one may
change one iota of human faculty being history or purpose within, as all
does concern Holy God’s Will for each one soul….
it is holy righteous testing in mercy that God’s will BE done, and it remains
such meek humility that God’s will IS done….

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author, contemplative art reveal, geochemistry, research associate, poet, theoscience
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