broken with sin Peter 3:18-4:11


BROKEN WITH SIN  Peter 3:18-4:11
“…..anyone who in this life has bodily suffering has broken with sin,
because for the rest of his life on earth, he is not ruled by human
passions but only by the will of God….
……you spent quite long enough in the past living the sort of life that
pagans live, behaving indecently, giving way to your passions, drinking
all the time, having wild orgies and degrading yourselves by false gods….
…….so people cannot understand why you no longer hurry off with
them to join this flood which is rushing down to ruin, and they begin to
spread libel about you….
……..they will have to answer for it in front of the judge who is ready to
judge the living and the dead….and because He is their judge too, the
dead have been told the Good News as well….
………so that through their life on earth, they had been through the
judgement that comes to all humanity, they might come to God’s life
in the spirit….”

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