take care that none be lost


Lord, one can focus on self to be a good example to others,
and yet to presume to be as though “your blessing to them….”
Lord, one may charitably avail himself to You and to others,
in order to give, to be, all things within You and others for the
sake of the Kingdom, as he presumes in no thing before you….
which is it, Lord….which is the self-styling….which is it Lord,
when one is self-styling or humbly serving you and all others….
is it more one’s concern that he “gets” to heaven by earning a
merit badge, or more so that he “goes” to heaven by availing
self completely to you and to others in holiness of such virtues….
in self-styling, there remains complacency, where all seems to
be well and wonderful with self, God and the world, and each
sign points that every directive is thus wrong within one’s soul….
in availing oneself to God and neighbor, one never complains of
tiring in a “dark night of the soul,” where each morsel of bread,
each drop of water, is received as a little taste of Your heaven….
in self-styling complacency, there is taken many boatloads of
bread, with never the thought or understanding that excess is
greed, and a greed is the heaping storage, the grains of all sin….
in availing oneself to God in offering, the soul receives within self
each morsel of bread in collective worship the unbiased charity….
at Holy Mass, sober attentive souls grasp to harbor within gratitude
their own offered availability to God and neighbor in the stillness….

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