as much as we try


as much as each man and woman tries to convince themselves and others
that they are important, sophisticated, elite, and stuffed of worldly things, yet
inside each their own souls is the little child within, the little child of whom
each really is, before their own God, journeying to understand worldly chaos….
there remains no thing left to understand of the world when the soul reaches
a point to cry within as the child, to cry to his Heavenly Father God, and to
seek consolation in his Heavenly Mother Mary, that the soul, man or woman,
arrives at the true peace, the child-like peace, their holy countenance in God….
we are happy in a company of others, not acting childish, but being child-like….
all child-likeness within our soul’s reach as God’s will in as wholly prescribed….

About tobias taoh

author, contemplative art reveal, geochemistry, research associate, poet, theoscience
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