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to presume

  TO PRESUME ———- __________________________________________________________ ———- to presume that which I may focus upon to consider as is ———- of utmost importance to self and others is a height of hubris…. ———- it can be most invasive, presumptive as is thus uncharitable…. ___________________________________________________________

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  BETRAYAL ———- ___________________________________________________________ ———- just as Judas betrays Our Lord Jesus Christ, thus it remains ———- that all of the selfish in self betrays the soulful selfless soul…. ———- the enemy within remains as the selfish heart unforgiveness…. ———- who … Continue reading

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Judas loves

  JUDAS LOVES MONEY POWER FORTUNE FAME PLEASURE ——— __________________________________________________________________________ ———- Judas loves no man or woman….Judas betrays…. ———- Judas loves money power fortune fame and pleasure…. ———- Judas walks in darkness preferring not to confess the light…. ———- Judas … Continue reading

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