a Catholic boy


a second grader, a Catholic boy, pooped his pants….
he had consumed too many chocolate chip cookies….
some laughed, and in his shame, his pride, he left….
for the third grade, he decided he would see the world,
get a secular education, one mostly void of catholicity….
the boy grew to understand obedience and discipline
within his heart, yet found none wherever he traveled….
the boy grew older many decades to realize that he is
forever the Catholic boy, the Catholic student in Truth,
guarding his own obedience and discipline of order within,
to share with the surrounding secular chaos its own – an
ignorance of how the universe works in universality – a
Catholicity, yet ordering obedience and discipline toward
its own genuine apparent characterization….in nuance….

About tobias taoh

author, contemplative art reveal, geochemistry, research associate, poet, theoscience
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