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humble pie just dessert

  HUMBLE PIE JUST DESSERT ———- ________________________________________ ———- any the soul may order humble pie…. ———- he receives in a fill the just dessert…. ———- _________________________________________

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serving worship

  SERVING WORSHIP ———- _____________________________________________________________________ ———- some pale as folly and knowledge serving the created God in the world…. ———- others go in wisdom and holiness the worship of creator God in eternity…. ———- ______________________________________________________________________

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wear bear

  WEAR BEAR ———- ________________________________________________ ———- bear no haste to learn the what of all men may know…. ———- wear only interest to hear that which God does teach…. ———- _________________________________________________

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to care

  TO CARE ———– _______________________________________ ———- about the way things seem…. —– about the way things look…. —– about the way things go…. —– just the way things are…. ———- _________________________________________

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  ELOQUENCE ———- _______________________________________________ ———- the eloquence as thought is but warring knowledge…. —– the eloquence for speech is but a silent wisdom…. —– the eloquence of deed is but a simple holiness…. —– the eloquence in resolve is but an awed … Continue reading

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human accolade

  HUMAN ACCOLADE ———- _______________________________________________________ ———- human accolade is revered, yet pales in comparison to any one —– encouraging another to praise honor and glorify Almighty God…. ———- _________________________________________________________

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