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cancer four sides of the coin theory

  CANCER FOUR SIDES OF THE COIN  THEORY ———- ___________________________________________________________________________ ———- hydrostatic pressures in the tissues caused by gassing cause inflammations…. ———- inflammations enhance, bring, encourage, infections…. ———- bacterial, viral, fungal, mixed…. ———- infections enhance degeneration, cancers causing pain and … Continue reading

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times in moves places to rest

  TIMES IN MOVES PLACES TO REST ———- ________________________________________ ———- a time in moves…. —– the places to rest…. —– the wounding hearts…. —– the sleeping resurrection…. —– an unblemished eternal peace…. ———- __________________________________________

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there is war there shall be peace

  THERE IS WAR THERE SHALL BE PEACE ———- ______________________________________________________________________ ———- the higher self selflessness and the higher soul virtuousness —– of one person battles the lower self selfishness and the —– lower soul vice of another person causing the … Continue reading

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