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interesting the Word and the Church

  INTERESTING THE WORD AND THE CHURCH ———- ______________________________________________________________________ ———- St. John the Baptist leapt within his mother Elizabeth’s womb codified in —– to prefigure fatherhood of severe justice, the Word (“no greater man born”) ———- St Peter prefigures fatherhood of … Continue reading

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dark and light

  DARK AND LIGHT ———- __________________________________________________ ———- travel not the road of rebellion, chaos, and evil…. ———- ———- go ye forth the lighted path to God and heaven…. ———- ___________________________________________________

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the world or God

  THE WORLD OR GOD ———- _____________________________________________________________________ ———- either weary fatigue the darkness of rebellion the world the flesh and the devil…. ———- or consoling rest in the light of a repentance within heaven the virtue and God…. ———- ______________________________________________________________________

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