nuance thoughts

NUANCE  thoughts

Expression is nuance, nuance is expression.

Endemics of innateness, essence and inherent, are expressive, that of nuance.

The holy eternal unseen is reverenced.

The reverence of eternity descends to the unseen nuance of the universe

through holy sacramentality.       i.e.  transubstantiation

scientific insight, theory:

Global aura surrounding an iota phenomenon is one of

containment, contentment, contortion and constancy.

Nuance, through with in, by for as, endemicity characterizes

iotal wealth, iotal strength, iotal endurance, iotal experience,

iotal existence, iotal substance, at one, at all, universal.

Reverence is holy, eternally willed in God.

Nuance is holy  –   universally, naturally, ordained by God.

What is willed in God is eternally directive;  what is ordained by

God is directed universally.   That which is directed universally is actively

done within the spatial universe, moment by moment, in stasis;

that which is eternally directive is actively done spanning eternity, in


That which is holy is moral;  that which is moral is natural; both are as all, spanning eternal goodness.

What is permitted in the warring spirit within phenomena in the universe is just that, the opposing sides of both obedience to good nuance vs. rebellion to good nuance.

There is no bad nuance ordained by God.  There is only good nuance ordained by God.

There is only obedience vs. rebellion to holy nuance, as in holy revelation in liturgy of the word.

Catholicity perceives, understands, and fosters the good of nuance in universal phenomena.   i.e.  sacramental mysteries of God and Jesus Christ

Dare say we venture to understand?

Or, dare say we venture to accept on faith, as Peter, not so much,

encouraged that we venture to accept on reason, as Thomas.

It is much more rewarding to believe than to know.

For in believing, we can hope to know; in knowing, we can hope to gain wisdom; in gaining wisdom, we can live in holiness, as purpose willed in God.

With belief, comes knowledge; with knowledge, comes wisdom; with wisdom comes sadness, joy; with conversion, comes holiness into wholeness.

“I believe in order to understand, I understand in order to believe…”         St. Augustine

Such is our joy on earth:  to believe, to understand—- holiness of God of revelation.

Such is our joy in heaven:  to know perfect wisdom—-wholeness of God in revelation.

“Blessed be God in his angels and in his saints.”

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