fissive and fusive

We as a society are:
luminated in illusion to fissive elements of delightenment.
rather than:
illuminated in sobriety to fusive elements of enlightenment.
We satisfy physical want, urge.
We ignore spiritual need, reticence.
Even as dispersive, scattering, fissive reasoning leads to a black hole of illusive reality…that of subtraction and division…chaos and death—-
So does the collective, gathering, fusive reasoning lead to a solar-ity of true reality…that of addition and multiplication…order and life
In science and nature, there are both fissive scopes and fusive scopes.
If humanity has any redeeming quest for answers, it must first address its science under natural law,
which transcends the moral law, which transcends the eternal law.
In summary, do we as humanity, society, culture, desire, like, want or need the unbearable heat of summer and unbearable cold of winter, now due to fissive technologies, or do we long for a temperate climate, in both nature and culture?
Do we as humanity, society, culture, still desire, like, want or need dissemination of falsehood in media that leads to confusion, hatred, war, pestilence, disease, ignorance, blight, folly—all for destitution, destitution for all?
Do we as humanity, society, culture, desire, like, want or need dissemination of truth in media that leads to illumination, love, peace, security, health, attentiveness, curity, wisdom—all for prosperity, prosperity for all?
Does anyone give a RA for divine order of science and nature under God?
Seems as though few persons do, as relative chaos reigns in the reality of this world.
Relative Philosophies address to promote horizontal warring spirit.  (fissive)
Ascendant Philosophies address to perceive vertical operative mind, to conceive cooperative heart, and to promote multi operative spirit.   (fusive)
fissive……..subtractive, divisive       warring    linear horizontal in illusions
fusive………additive, multiplicative   peaceable  bi sectional vertical crossing in truths    +

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